We’re always energized by the prospect of developing powerful brands. We were set abuzz when the kind folks at Aidin Electric, a Grand Island-based electrical company, asked us to refresh their identity. 

We set to work breaking the brand down to its base components. It’s impossible to craft messaging that truly reflects a brand’s personality and values without understanding its essence. We came to understand Aidin Electric as a top-tier electrical company powered by professionalism and dependability. 

With our initial round of concepts, we sought to light upon those qualities while exploring as many visual directions as possible. These are a handful of our favorites. 

aidin logos progress shot

After a period of thoughtful review, we worked with the client to pick their favorite concepts. They tapped the two seen below. Our designers then took these preliminary ideas and fleshed them out, creating iteration after iteration until we reached the most electrifying versions.

aidin electric round 2 review

And now, see the new Aidin Electric logo in action: