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Beneath Lincoln lies a series of storied caves, some carved by nature, some by the sheer determination of man. Rumor holds they’ve been host to the homeless, partying college students and even famed outlaws like Jesse James. Above this cavernous maw now sits a distinguished brewery. Blue Blood Brewing Co. recently began giving tours of the caves ,and they asked Agency 877 to provide them with custom T-shirt designs to commemorate the occasion.


History can be a challenge. In this project, we developed a handful of design concepts for Blue Blood, all with an aesthetic that aimed to evoke the history of the caves. We wanted the shirts to capture the rich history, yet look modern enough to be worn around town.





We developed a handful of custom T-shirt designs for Blue Blood, designing with an aesthetic that evokes the history of the caves. Some designs feature a simple line portrait of Jesse James, who’s rumored to have hid out in the caves after a heist. Other design concepts– like the lantern and pickaxe design Blue Blood chose – are grittier, mimicking prints made from rough wood carvings.

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