Even in a time like this, direct mail isn’t dead. Quite the opposite is true, actually, as people are at home checking the mailbox daily as a chance to get out of the house. You can use this to your advantage by placing messages of reassurance and positivity right in your supporters’ hands — literally!

Direct mail averages a 5 to 9 percent response rate compared to emails, to which less than one percent of people respond. Why is that? Because direct mail volume has fallen by nearly 17 percent in the last decade, so now, receiving an eye-catching, well-crafted piece in the mail has become a special treat for many. It stands out much more than one of the 50 emails busy adults receive in a day. 

Although you’re sacrificing a bit of ROI, as mailers can be more expensive to generate than emails, the genuine engagement you’ll receive is worth it. Plus, sending a real piece of mail shows your customers you care about them.

 Here are a few ideas that have proven effective for us. You can create basic pieces on your own, but if you want to take it further, we have years of experience creating unique mailers that will WOW anyone who receives them.

  • If you’re trying to keep it as simple as possible, send a basic postcard expressing your message alongside clean design, enticing copy and an encouraging tone. This will get the job done.
  • Or, get creative. Make your mailer a physical representation of what you sell or specialize in. If you’re a bakery, for example, you could make your mailer the shape of a cupcake. If you sell clothes, you could make it a T-shirt or dress. How fun would those be to get in the mail compared to the traditional rectangle?
  • Use pop-outs, cutouts, creative folds and 3D components to make your mailer stand out even more.
  • To add an element of interactivity, create a photo holder mailer. By cutting slits into the paper, you can turn your mailer into a piece of art that doesn’t hit the trash can after it’s read. We used this same concept for a senior living complex, and it gave older adults a great place to display pics of the grandkids while at home.

No matter your call to action, a direct mailer is a palpable way to show your audience you care and you’re here for them, now and in the future. If you want more direct mailer ideas, we’ve got plenty! Let’s brainstorm something great together.

Be sure to watch for our next — and final — marketing implementation tactic, social media! Finish your campaign strong by taking advantage of these social media tips and tricks.

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