Change is Hard.
We’re Here to Help.

The team at Agency 877 is devoted to providing reliable guidance and support to our partners amidst the sudden lifestyle shift caused by COVID-19. Our mission has always been to take the creative burden off your shoulders, but in these volatile times, we’re more devoted than ever to helping you feel at ease. While the safety, success and wellbeing of our partners and our community as a whole is ever-present in our thoughts, we know thoughts alone aren’t enough to make a positive change — we need to take action. That’s why we’ve been busy working with our current clients to create alternative marketing strategies that are more conducive to our rapidly changing world. Just because life slows down doesn’t mean you should. In fact, when disaster strikes, the smartest thing you can do is implement new, cutting-edge marketing solutions to promote yourself in a way that conveys confidence in your organization’s resiliency.  Through real conversation, Agency 877 will guide you toward these solutions and help you pivot your marketing tactics to reach your usual demographic, even when they can’t leave the house.  It’s time to reinvent marketing as we know it, for now. Let’s chat over a virtual cup of coffee and work together to develop a plan with purpose.  Sincerely, The 877 Team

See What We’ve
Done So Far:

We’ve already had success helping a number of our partners market to an audience that’s mostly at home. To combat the majority of events, storefronts and in-person affairs being cancelled, we’ve relied on some unconventional, yet effective strategies.

Eastmont Senior Living Campaign


In February, we developed a dynamic mailer, a landing page and a social media and email campaign for Eastmont’s Organize and Downsize decluttering event. This was supposed to be an opportunity for the retirement center to give tours and get people thinking about their next step in life, which is ideally moving into Eastmont.


With a target demographic of older adults, they knew early on they wouldn’t be able to hold the event in person. Instead, they decided to host a video livestream event via Zoom that featured the same tips, tricks and interviews they had previously planned. 

We tweaked our copy, design and direction for the entire campaign in order to promote the online class, while still staying in line with our original concept and theme. Additionally, we focused on keeping the livestream instructions simple and suitable for an older audience.

The End Result

The turnout was nothing short of sensational. In fact, it exceeded their projection for the in-person event by XX%! 

Eastmont was delighted with our flexibility, our quick turnaround and our ability to produce quality content in a short amount of time. In the end, the virtual event was just as successful as it would have been in person, if not more.

That’s just one example of how we can help redirect your marketing efforts into something adaptable, accessible and beneficial for both you and your consumers during this time.

Here are some other ways you can creatively campaign:

Hold a Virtual Tour to showcase your storefront or facility from afar.

Host Online Launch Parties to have 100% of the fun with 0% of the germs.

While you’re at it, boost your SEO to improve your search results organically.

Start an Email Campaign, now that everyone has more time to check their inbox.

Direct Mail is still in full swing. Why not send out a captivating print piece?

Step up your Social Media game — phone usage is likely at an all-time high.

Talk over Zoom with clients and customers to show them you care.

Genuine engagement with your audience is still possible in this day and age; all it takes is a little thinking outside the box. Agency 877 is ready to redirect your marketing efforts with campaign strategy that’s conducive to the current environment.


If you need help, we’re always here to provide advice, suggestions and support.