Three words, one impactful digital marketing solution: Search Engine Optimization. Few understand it, and even fewer know how to fully optimize it. If you’re unfamiliar with SEO, it’s the algorithm that determines your page rank within Google and other search engines. 

When people search a keyword within your industry, you’re competing with every other link in existence that relates to it— and yes, there are millions of them. SEO is incredibly important if you want to be seen organically on the internet, because people will assume the organizations who show up within the first couple search pages are the best. 

Is this true? It may or may not be. But these top-page businesses are the ones who are either A) already-established brands that gain traction naturally, or B) smaller businesses that excel at SEO. Whichever you are or want to become, do what you can with your SEO now and know that Agency 877 is here to provide assistance if you want to take things to the next level.

Why is SEO so important in our current situation? Because, like we mentioned in our previous post, your website is the face of your business during a time like this. Since people can’t walk into your storefront, they’re now using that time to search for your business online. We suggest making your website and its SEO one of your main priorities right now in order to yield more website traffic and gain new digital supporters.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the basic components you can use to improve SEO yourself.

  • Keywords: choose moderately specific keywords that relate to your site and use them frequently, especially in your headings. For example, 877 uses terms like “Marketing Agency Lincoln Nebraska”, “Branding Agency”, “Design Agency”, etc.
  • Text Length: Try to have at least 300 words-worth of copy on each page.

  • Links: Include links to other pages within your own site, and link to other sites, as well.

And now, some more complex components that Agency 877 can help you implement:

  • Meta Descriptions: The preview sentence that shows up under your link on Google
  • Image Alt Tags: Relevant text descriptions for photos that utilize keywords
  • Title: The main name for each page that utilizes your exact focus keyphrase
  • Slug: The web address after the backslash. In, “SEO” is the slug
  • Keyphrase Distribution: Ensuring you have enough keywords in all the right places.
  • Unique Keyphrase: Creating internal key phrases that don’t compete with each other.
  • SEO Tracking: Analyzing SEO performance data monthly to evaluate growth, then adjusting keywords as needed based on their popularity at any given time

  • Ongoing Content Additions: Creating blogs, social posts and more to drive traffic

Those are just a few examples. The deeper you dive into SEO, the higher you’ll rank. We use a WordPress plugin called “Yoast” that gives us a clear checklist for each page’s SEO requirements, but it takes a lot of practice and fine-tuning to successfully optimize each page. With our expertise, we’d love to help get your business on that coveted first page of results, if it isn’t there already. However, even with the basic tactics above, you can still give yourself a little SEO boost overnight.

By implementing some of the basic tactics we mentioned, you can give yourself a little SEO boost overnight. But if you want to take your SEO even further and see real results, we’d love to help get your business on that coveted first page of results. Let’s talk!

In the meantime, get ready for part four of our series: DIGITAL CAMPAIGN STRATEGY & SETUP 

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