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Student Lunch Menu is a monthly menu planning service for school lunch professionals. Believe it or not, school lunch is a lot more complicated than choosing between tacos and tater tot casserole. Thanks to ever-changing government requirements, school food service is a carefully calculated numbers game. Failing to meet requirements may result in penalties, fines and cuts in federal funding. It’s serious stuff! Student Lunch Menu cuts through the noise by making the menu planning process as painless as possible. They approached 877 at their inception, so we had our hands in everything from foundational branding to animation, video and web design. 


From the beginning, the product Student Lunch Menu was selling was great – it’s intuitive, easy to use and truly fills a need for its intended users. We knew the biggest challenge this multi-pronged campaign would face would be reaching the “decision-makers,” the people responsible for buying a subscription and implementing it in their schools.

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Before we could have fun with animation, video and web design, we had to start from square one to create a playful and bold visual identity for the brand. The Student Lunch Menu logo features custom type meant to evoke creativity and an illustrated owl icon. The owl seemed like a natural fit, given its cultural association with wisdom and education.


We designed a full-page print piece for FoodService Director Magazine, the premier publication for school food service directors across the country. We stayed on-theme by capturing creative food art surrounded by custom hand lettering.

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We designed a marketing page for Student Lunch Menu that would serve as an information hub to educate consumers about the service. Along with this, we created a series of instructional videos to help new users navigate the site.

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Our goal was to make the Student Lunch Menu brand photography both colorful and engaging. With a little patience and creativity, we photographed food- and learning-related catchphrases made out of healthy ingredients.

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Inspired by the work of supremely talented commercial stop-motion designers, we created a series of short, GIF-able videos for the menu planning service to prove, once and for all, one should play with their food.

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