Client Web Resource Guide

A Monthly Plan for Site Upkeep and Web Health

The following is a checklist that should be completed monthly in order to keep your website fast, updated and prepared for any unexpected issues. Think of your site as a houseplant. If you neglect to water the plant, it will deteriorate — just like your website will if you ignore it. So, to keep your site healthy and functioning at its best, you’ve got to “water” it every month and give it the care it needs.

If you lack experience with web and the back-end of your site intimidates you, remember Rome wasn’t built in a day. We don’t expect anyone to be a WordPress wizard right out of the gate, but in a few months’ time, you’ll be making these updates with ease. 

As always, if you have questions or concerns, Agency 877 is more than happy to help. Follow these three line-items and use these external resources to your advantage in order to keep your site in great shape with minimal effort.

WordPress at a Glance

Sidebar Overview

The sidebar in WordPress is your home for all the tabs you need to track and manage your site smoothly. Get familiar with them here:

Overall view of the site, has site status, current info related to the site

Will display of your needed updates, including plugins and themes

Where you create/edit posts for your blog

Where you can upload and store all of your photos, documents, videos and anything you want to add to the pages of your website

Create and edit settings for your sites forms

Add/edit pages within your site

Any replies from your blog entries will be housed here. You can remove any
unwanted or potential spam here

Customize your site’s general visual settings like layout, typography, background, footer, navigation, buttons, etc.

Control, update and add new plugins

Control who has access to your site and add contributing users

Overall site settings and privacy settings

Theme and module customizer. Also includes the Divi Library where saved rows, buttons, and created content is stored after being saved.

WordPress Content Creation Resources
How-To Youtube Videos

Divi Introduction
Want to learn about Divi basics and test the water? This is a great starting tutorial to get your feet wet.
View Tutorial

Editing Your Site
Methods and tips to make basic site edits, from adding content to sections to adding photos to your pages.
View Tutorial

Adding Pages
Simple tutorial to add pages and new content to your website.
View Tutorial

Editing Headers
Changing your header options with text, photo and video. A great way to help your site stand out from the others.
View Tutorial

Creating/Editing Sliders
A basic guide to adding movable headers to the top of your page. An easy wow factor and introduction to your site’s pages.
View Tutorial

Adding Photos
Need to upload a new photo to your site? Add or delete some more photos from your gallery? This guide can help.
View Tutorial

Creating Sections (Rows)
Feeling Brave? Here’s a more advanced tutorial on adding new sections to your site, which is a great way to keep it fresh.
View Tutorial

Editing Your Footer & Theme Customizer
Simple footer editing and theme techniques to change the overall look of your site, from themes to fonts and colors.
View Tutorial

Thank you for relying on Agency 877 for all your web needs. If you have any additional questions, contact us!

Want to learn more? Here’s an 877-curated playlist from Youtube if you’d like to learn more about Word Press, Divi, and website health-related topics.