An Environment Built For Success

With a long and prominent history in the marketing world, Agency 877 is proud to have a talented, motivated team and great atmosphere that promotes the best results for our clients.

Our founder Adam Lohman’s design career began shortly after college at a local newspaper, where one of his daily tasks was to collect coins from newspaper vending machines around town. The very first machine he visited released a quarter minted between 1925-1930, and another from 1953. He carries these silver-minted coins with him to this day.

As his career evolved from illustration to print design, he found that his go-to color was Pantone 877 Silver, and with that, Agency 877 was born. With a focus on producing innovative ideas and strategy and celebrating a long venture in the design industry, we are proud to be 877.


Will Hays Agency 877

Will Hays

Adam Lohman Agency 877

Adam Lohman

Kris Skov

Kris Skov
Project Manager

Sam Dinzey Agency877

Sam Dinzey
Marketing Strategist

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