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Complete Menu Service takes the concept of menu scheduling to a new level. Student Lunch Menu provides schools with a menu scheduling service, but with Complete Menu Service, someone else does the work for you. The goal is to consistently create healthy, balanced meals for students that reach government guidelines without wasting time or creating stress. They asked Agency 877 to improve their digital presence through branding and social media.


Our primary objective was to present Complete Menu Service as an easy alternative to planning menus manually. We improved their branding and social media presence through our engaging ads and minimalistic colorful icons to reinforce the simplicity of the program. 

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We created the look and feel for both ONcore menu services. For Complete Menu Service, we developed a fiery red color scheme for the hue’s association with confidence and food. An abstract spoon-shape cuts a “C” into the icon with revolving, shifting gradients.


We designed a splash marketing page with bold, modern graphics to educate and persuade potential consumers about Complete Menu Service.

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877 also created eye-catching graphic advertisements for Complete Menu Service to share and boost on their social media channels. This simple combination of icons, photos and fun taglines boosted the menu planning company’s engagement rates like never before. 

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