At Agency 877, we believe the key to a successful advertising campaign is a well-structured creative process that’s built upon sound research and proven strategy. While we follow the same general steps with every campaign, our firm’s collaborative nature allows us to be flexible in order to meet your unique needs.   

We love creating campaigns because they’re an ideal way for us to showcase our value through a variety of concepts rather than just one. They allow our team to get to know your business on a holistic level and then devise a comprehensive, creative and effective marketing plan that’s tailored to you. Plus, the more projects we create for your brand, the more exposure it receives, helping you maximize your marketing budget.   


First thing’s first: discovery. Before we dive into research and development, we go through an elaborate client on-boarding process to learn everything we can about the client’s products or services, brand identity, competition, goals and positioning within their respective market.  This all starts by asking questions…lots of questions. While some may call our attention to detail overkill, 877 has found that gathering a surplus of information right off the bat yields the best results long term. It helps us learn about you—what drives your organization’s success, what you’re striving to accomplish and where your pain points are—so we have a thorough understanding of the campaign’s purpose before we begin.   

Whether that purpose is to increase sales, generate interaction among employees within the company, raise awareness about the brand or another goal, the information we gather through the discovery process allows us to provide a comprehensive strategy that executes your vision and delivers results.  


877’s next step is conducting market research. We take a closer, more informed look at your specific industry, location, competition and current and potential target audiences through detailed questionnaires, surveys and interviews.  When it’s possible and convenient for you, we also coordinate focus groups to develop questions, facilitate research and analyze results. After we’ve gathered all the information we need, we provide a summary of our research findings to keep you in the loop and give you a better understanding of your own organization.   


Next, we devise a cleverly calculated plan for how to tackle the campaign. This includes budgets, timelines and marketing tactics that would reach the client’s target audiences most effectively.  Marketing tactics can incorporate anything from a dynamic, e-commerce-enabled website to a lemonade stand. Through research, we’ll narrow down the most effective, purpose-driven ways to reach your key target audiences for the lowest cost possible.   


Now for the fun part: let’s get creative. Through captivating design, engaging copy and more, we deliver one-of-a-kind content that propels the audience to action. From dynamic direct mailings, to emails, to videos and animations, we strive to live outside the box with our unconventional, imaginative marketing methods. Our work is functional and professional, but thanks to our creative team, it’s anything but boring.  


Only when the client is completely satisfied with the finished product do we release it to the world. No matter if it’s a special event, website launch or a product release, by the time it’s go-time, we’ll have worked with the client tirelessly to review, revise and perfect even the smallest details. Our talented team then meticulously implements our tactics so nothing is left to chance as we take the new campaign to market.   

Assessment & Analytics  

It’s not over ‘til it’s a success. We take the time to analyze what’s going right and change what isn’t. How do we define success? That depends on you. Whether it’s hitting the target number for event attendance, website clicks, social media hits or email opens, we’ll be happy only when we’ve achieved exactly what the client has asked of us or more.  With a process that effectively combines the perfect amount of strategy and creativity, we ensure each of our clients are blown away by our attention to detail, impressive time management skills and genuine effort to learn about the brand and its target audience.   

Did we convince you yet? Let’s embark on a campaign and make something awesome together!