As we approach the third decade of the millennium, it’s no secret that great web development has the power to enhance brand awareness, facilitate communication and simplify the buying and selling process for your customers.

Agency 877 prides itself on creating functional and appealing websites from the inside out. While some companies simply hand you a template and leave you to do the rest of the work, we build your site from start to finish to take the creative burden off your shoulders. That’s right—all you have to do is sit back, relax and watch as your vision comes to life.

We take our time learning exactly which elements to include in each website during the discovery phase. Some sites have a surplus of content to condense and organize, while others don’t have nearly the amount of information they should. And then there’s the few who have the right information, but believe their site to be slow, outdated or ugly. 

877 is ready to come to the rescue in all these scenarios with our well-thought-out web development process. 


Visuals are the most important aspect of your website—at least from a consumer’s point of view. Users often leave a webpage within 20 seconds, so you’ve got to make sure yours lures them in right away. 

Photos and videos of real people doing real things are a great way to make your site stand out. Whether it’s a slideshow banner that spans across the homepage, a photo portfolio showcasing your products or a video that reveals your personality and mission, 877 is ready to provide all the professional photo, video and even drone services for your website’s creative needs. 

When a photo or video won’t do the trick, we’re also experts at designing captivating icons to represent your services. Use our website as an example. Icons simplify the user experience by adding a unique design element to what would otherwise be nothing but a stationary word. 

And, if you want to get really tech-savvy, we can incorporate elements of movement into your website, so page features flow in naturally as you scroll. We can also implement loading animations, hover animations and more dynamic options that serve as the perfect finishing touches to your site. We love turning each webpage into something that’s cutting-edge and visually appealing. 


Of course, a beautiful website is rendered useless if it doesn’t optimize user experience. In other words, the elements of a site that can’t be seen by the naked eye make a world of a difference. 

Arguably the most important of these is SEO, or search engine optimization. With good SEO, Google and other search engines will prioritize your content over others’, hopefully landing you a spot on that coveted first page of results. We put a considerable amount of effort and technicality into this, from researching keywords and writing meta descriptions to adding image tags and external links. Agency 877 promises to make your website as SEO-rich as possible. That way, you can reach a bigger audience and draw new viewers to your business.

Once everything’s in place, we’ll do some final tests. First we’ll see if your site is mobile compatible, because over half your audience will view your content from their cell phones. Then we’ll test how long your website takes to load, because according to Google, 53 percent of mobile users abandon sites that take over three seconds to launch. And, finally, we’ll do our best to ensure your site is ADA compliant, because everyone, regardless of disability, should be able to engage with your site.

In the end, Agency 877 will leave you with a website that’s equipped to grow your brand through awesome aesthetic and thoughtful strategy. Let’s get started on your project today!