Spreading Positivity and Productivity in the Wake of COVID-19

If you’ve ever taken a high school english class, you’re probably familiar with the classic introduction to A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens: 

“It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, we can’t help but apply this to our current situation. This is, by far, the most mentally, economically and socially taxing time period the modern world has ever endured. From Gen-Z to Baby Boomers, we can all agree we’ve never experienced anything like it. Tragedy has struck, people are dying and our healthcare system is overwhelmed. Not to mention, millions are left wondering how they’ll pay rent or provide for their families.

There’s no denying that this is, in fact, “the worst of times.” 

But, if you look closely, you’ll see that our world is changing for the better. We’re learning how caring the human race can be, and beginning to appreciate simple things we took for granted — like going out to eat, going to the movies, going to church. It’s given the world an opportunity to reevaluate itself and slow down. After this passes, our lives will inevitably be changed.

On that same note, with the help of technology, America’s workforce is still going strong. If this pandemic had come to fruition just 20 years ago, working remotely wouldn’t have been in the question. But with endless communication apps, remote servers and the internet in general, office workers everywhere are able to go about their business, serve their clients and stay productive through unconventional methods.

In a way, this is “the best of times.” Or, at least, we’re trying to make the best of these times. 

We’re lucky we live in an era where our team can keep on going even when the world seemingly stops. We know we’ll come out of this stronger and more resilient than ever. 

Here’s how 877 has been staying on top of things:


Although this communication app was initially developed for gamers, it’s done a great job keeping us connected. On top of regular text channels, we can create custom video chats and hold virtual “meetings” despite our distance. We can video chat individually, in small groups or all together, Brady-Bunch-style. It’s just like being there in person, minus the germs.

Just look at the incredible productivity going on here! (99.8% of the time).


Slack has already been a longtime office staple for us, but when it comes to sharing files and links and talking externally with clients, this app has come in handy during our WFH. Slack, combined with Discord, ensures no questions are left unanswered.

Project Management Software

Also a staple inside and outside the office, our trusty project management software keeps us on track. We can monitor deadlines, mark our progress, upload files and add comments and questions when necessary. This is the backbone of staying organized at 877. Everything is sorted by client, by due date and by who’s-doing-what.

Remote Server 

Having an internet-accessible server at a time like this is a miracle in itself. With one simple link, we’re able to find every project for every client. Whether we’re looking for a working file or a final proof, from 2018 or from yesterday, we can locate and open it on our own computers no matter where we are. This type of backup security is invaluable. It ensures we can still deliver the same quality and quantity of content, even if we’re not at Turbine Flats.

In essence, while this whole situation may seem a little apocalyptic, things for 877 are pretty much business as usual (except there’s a good chance we’re in our jammies right now). We feel incredibly fortunate to keep doing what we do through such devastation, and we’re lucky to have amazing partners who continue to supply us with projects.

Despite it being the worst of times, we’re striving to make the best of it. We’re still the same, thoughtful stewards of your brand, developing proven strategy and engaging creative work that leads to results. 

As long as the internet works, so will we. 

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay inside!

-The 877 Team