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project overview

Lobbying firm Edwards Westerhold Moore came to Agency 877 in need of a partner to help them refresh their brand and develop a cohesive set of marketing materials. The firm was planning to update their name in several months to reflect changes in partnership. In addition, they wanted to change the look and feel of their brand, including redesigning the website and establishing a corporate identity.
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Brand Strategy

A brand strategy is an essential part of an organization’s foundational marketing, as it will guide the development of future marketing communication. Our team researched the local market and analyzed the firm’s strongest marketing desires to determine the best route for the development of messaging strategy and logo design.


The logo is a brand’s primary visual identifier, wholly encompassing its values, mission and equity. We worked with a variety of fonts, colors, and layouts to create three logo options that summon a clean and timeless feel. The classic, serif typeface conjures up old-world professionalism while housed in sharp angles and thin lines that invoke a modern, minimal new era.


EWM wanted their messaging to reflect a blend of their three lobbyists while also communicating to potential clients the services and experience the firm could provide. We developed a messaging strategy that included an elevator pitch, key messaging points, partner bios, and brand tagline. Each of these pieces came together to accurately represent who EWM is, both as a firm and as individuals: professional, confident, and experienced.

Web Development

With the approved logo and messaging strategy, we were able to redesign EWM’s website to include pieces of their refreshed brand. We updated the Home, Who We Are, What We Do, and Contact pages with brand new copy, and designed the site to feature EWM’s new logos and fresh photography. With the new updates, visitors can read and view the firm’s story, starting from the beginning stages and culminating with the invitation to be a part of their next chapter.

Corporate ID Kit

To ensure that EWM maintains a consistent visual identity across all communications, we developed a corporate identity kit that includes the firm’s messaging, logo identity, typography, color system, stationary, and signature. The kit explains the importance of each piece as well as proper and incorrect usage to ensure marketing materials stay consistent with the firm’s brand.


“Working with Agency 877 for our entire corporate rebranding project was a great decision. Agency 877 proved to be the perfect partner, guiding us through every step with expertise and creativity. 877 provided us with a new logo, brand messaging, website, and more. They completely aligned the projects with who we are and what we stand for. They were easy to work with and created a brand that we are proud to show off. We highly recommend Agency 877 to any business looking to elevate their brand to the next level.”