What a whirlwind these past few months have been! Despite the pandemic, we’ve been fortunate enough to have business continue to boom with an array of unique projects from clients both new and old. Our marketing services have become increasingly more complex — and more fun — than the initial branding projects that originally helped Agency 877 take off. 

2020 has been testing our team on just how versatile we can be, and right now, we’re passing with flying colors. Here are just a few examples of the unconventional undertakings we’ve been working on lately: 

★ We started development on a completely original, fully functional board game for a utility company, complete with a double-sided game map, intricate pieces, a card deck and more.

★ We created more websites than we can count on our fingers in the past few months, each of them with a different purpose and platform. Setting up an online store? We’ve got you covered. Selling services? We can do that, too. Do you prefer WordPress, SquareSpace, ExpressionEngine, Shopify, Wix, Weebly, or something else? No problem!

★ We designed a line of shampoo, lotion and perfume bottles for a cosmetic company in Arizona and gave them a clean, minimalistic look.

★ We acquired roughly 15 new social media accounts to manage since the pandemic began — some established, some brand new. From content, to graphics, to ad strategy and beyond, we created posts and campaigns that resulted in proven growth.

★ We thought BIG and delivered giant car wraps, trade show booths, outdoor and indoor signage and more. When it comes to the size of your project, bigger is bolder!

★ We designed 250 unique icons for one of the top engineering software developers in the world to help bring the UI/UX of their program into the 21st century.

 ★ We amped up our SEO capabilities with measurable analytics, in-site metrics and proven results, all updated monthly to keep the sites we manage fresh and relevant in the eyes of Google.

★ We also created some seriously fun, inspired logos. One for a smoked meat food truck, one for a local coffee company’s 25th anniversary, another for a one-man realtor enterprise, the list goes on.

We collaborated with one of the best burger spots in the state, as well as a custom home building company, to help them research, identify and better understand their market.

We took a more in-depth approach to brand development when a regionally known pediatrician and life coach came to us with nothing but an idea. We started the branding from scratch and gave her a name, a spelled-out mission, a website and an entire identity that could serve as the foundation of her community-based program.

We made branded masks and hand sanitizers for our parent company to keep their employees safe, sanitized and of course, on-brand during the pandemic!

We provided professional photography and videography services for some of Lincoln’s finest businesses, like a coffee shop, an orthodontist office and a renowned tech company.

We continued thinking outside the box with our signature dynamic mail pieces, as well as  with brochures, newspaper ads, radio ads and other traditional marketing methods.

These projects barely scratch the surface of what we’ve been up to during a very strange 2020 that will forever live on as “That One Year with the Pandemic.” We’re so fortunate to have the encouragement of our clients and supporters during this crazy time, and we look forward to expanding our services even further in the future! 

If you have an idea for a project, no matter how crazy you think it may be, we can make it happen for you. Drop us a line at 877-899-8777 or email hello@agency877.com.