Why Your Big Organization Needs a Small Agency

When it comes to choosing an agency that truly cares about your cause, stands behind your brand and exceeds your expectations, bigger isn’t always better. 

There’s a reason why smaller agencies are often at the forefront of marketing movements. We have close collaboration, strong culture and dedicated, passionate employees who are always looking for the next big way to stand out. And no, this isn’t your typical “support local businesses” spiel. When you choose a smaller agency, you’re the one who reaps the benefits. Here’s why:

We Give a Dang

If being a priority is important to you, a close-knit agency is your answer. We take time to learn about you from both a personal and data-driven perspective, then pour hours of time and attention into making your marketing dreams come true. At larger firms, there’s always the possibility of being seen as a case study — a manilla folder with your name on it and nothing more. For us, however, going the extra mile to focus on you is our forte. 

That’s not to say smaller agencies aren’t busy balancing dozens of clients from across the country, because we are. But it’s the thought that goes into it beforehand — the deep understanding of the client and their motives — that allows the production process to flow smoothly and results in goal-oriented projects that are tailor-made to fit the organization’s vision from start to finish.

Innovation = Excellence

Never should a smaller firm say to you, “We can’t do it this way, because we’ve never done it that way before.” Finding innovative solutions to stay ahead of the curve is the name of our game. We’re not afraid to explore and push the boundaries a little if it means the output is something smart, impactful and eye-catching. We’ll try something new just for you, with plenty of research and rationale to back it up.

Time and Money Well-Saved

Money isn’t everything, but saving it sure is nice. Smaller agencies share this benefit by offering consistently lower hourly rates across the board, and it certainly isn’t because we’re sacrificing quality. Less overhead for us means more savings for you. You’re getting a better bang for your buck: more time and effort devoted to your project for a cost that the big guys can’t compete with. And with all that time and effort focused on you, you can bet we’ll have your project ready to launch in half the time you’re used to at the large firms.


Collaboration Culture is Everything

When you’re working in close quarters with your coworkers, it’s pretty important for you to like them, right? Employees at close-knit agencies collaborate with each other so often there’s barely even a need for DMs. Got a question about your proposal, logo concept or webpage? Well, good thing you’re within spitting distance of other creative people who are ready and willing to help. Each project is the result of multiple minds uniting toward a common goal: making our partners happy.

Ditch the Middleman

Although collaboration is almost constant at smaller agencies, we’re also confident in our individual skill sets. Each person knows exactly what they’re in charge of, and they own it. There’s a very distinct, streamlined process that isn’t interrupted by unnecessary middlemen, which gives each member of the team a heightened sense of responsibility and expectation.

In sum, we’re all here because we want to be. There’s a reason for the low turnover and high dedication. Nowhere else can give us such an elevated level of creative freedom and authority. We’re not worried about corporate head honchos shutting our ideas down left and right. We take our thoughts and we run with them without dulling them down, which means the final result is nothing but real, raw creativity, 100 percent of the time. 

Like what you just heard? Say goodbye to the big guys and make something great with us.