Virtual C is an IT company that coaches, consults and trains businesses on how to best utilize their technology infrastructure. Their sub-brand, Humanize IT, is a podcast and blog that specializes in promoting a personal approach within the data-focused world of IT.  They came to us in need of refreshed branding and ongoing marketing services that would take their services to the next level and appeal to a wider audience of professionals.


IT, for the most part, is a very facts-and-figures based field that sometimes lacks personality and charisma. The owner’s goal was to challenge that stigma and give the industry a more approachable, humanized feel via his podcast, Humanize IT. We had to put human passion and energy into something that was very tech-focused, which was difficult at times. In the end, we believe this rebrand gave Virtual C and Humanize IT more meaning and personality.

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Marketing Analysis

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We strived to deliver brands for both Virtual C and Humanize IT that were straightforward, professional and packed with rationale. Our client expressed to us that he didn’t want glitchy logos that screamed “digital” or “tech.” He wanted to stand out in the sea of IT and represent the company’s core theme of navigation. 


To properly introduce the Humanize IT brand, we needed to create a brief, yet impactful video that would set the tone for future content. This animation was shared across Virtual C and Humanize IT’s social media platforms to build excitement for the upcoming podcasts and blogs. 


No professional brand is complete without a clean, classy and cohesive letterhead and business card. This kit helps keep all interaction that occurs in person or in print consistent with the digital identity of Humanize IT and Virtual C.

Weekly Content Production

Every week, our team is responsible for producing a blog, email, description and two social media posts based on each podcast episode. Constantly adding new content to the website and social media channels is not only a great way to build a larger base of engaged followers, but it also boosts Humanize IT’s overall web presence, site health and SEO.