When the established supplement company Marine Minerals decided to give their brand a younger, cleaner look, they came to Agency 877 for help. We found new ways to market their same, high-quality ionic minerals to a newer and more active audience through package design, web development and a better presence on social media. The result was a simple, yet modern look that was product-focused and targeted to those who wanted to get out, get active and become the best versions of themselves. 


Fitting a ton of information on a tiny package was challenging at times. These little mineral droppers were about the size of a pill bottle, but we still needed to incorporate quality design, copy, nutritional information and more on the small surface. Also, since the owners of UNU lived in Arizona, it also took plenty of communication and revision from both parties. Sometimes it was hard to get a grasp of the vibe they wanted to give off, but asking the right questions (and a lot of them) proved to be the solution.

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We designed packaging for UNU’s Green Drink, Protein and Ionic Minerals to match the company’s new, modern feel. Our goal was to keep it simple and focused on the ingredients. People like to know exactly what they’re consuming, so we made sure to inform them at first glance. 


UNU’s new website creatively showcases their products, tells their story and evokes emotion through engaging video banners. We wanted visitors of the site to learn the benefits and background of these natural products before they purchased them.


We amped up UNU’s social media presence with on-brand profile pictures, video banners and ideas for content. Since their goal was to reach a younger audience, we made it a priority to step up their game on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so they could stand out from competitors.

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