Kidwell is one of the largest tech companies in Nebraska, with almost a dozen services ranging from electrical wiring, to video surveillance, to phone systems, to healthcare. As one of our longtime clients, we’ve been creating captivating print and digital ads for the organization since 877’s inception. In 2020, they asked us to undertake an even bigger project: their website. They needed a new look, refreshed copy that simplified the most technical terms and greater functionality in general. 


From a design standpoint, it was our goal to combine their multitude of services into one, cohesive site or print piece with easy simple, modern graphics. From a copy standpoint, their previous content had a tendency to either overcomplicate things with too much detail, or do just the opposite and remain too vague. The main challenge here was finding a happy medium between providing clarity through specifics while avoiding “tech” buzzwords and making the text easy to digest for any reader.

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We’ve created a handful of engaging print pieces for Kidwell to promote various individual services. Check them out!


The Kidwell website breaks their many services down page by page. It’s the perfect incorporation of simplified, yet specific copy, on-brand, geometrical graphics and revamped photography, shot by none other than Agency 877.

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