If you haven’t read our last post about digital ads, go back and read that first — part five is all about giving those digital ad links more purpose with a functional, campaign-specific landing page for your site. 

What is a targeted landing page, exactly? Think of it as a little home for your campaign to where all your print, email and social efforts lead. It’ll usually contain a form to register for an event, subscribe to an email list, get information about a service or product, or start a conversation. (Hint: the words you’re reading right now are part of our marketing solution campaign’s landing page.) 

This page appears nowhere else on your site, and you’ll likely retire it when the campaign is over. But while it’s live, it serves as the common denominator among all your marketing efforts that enhances brand awareness, highlights the most important parts of your messaging strategy and facilitates communication with an interested demographic.

It’s been proven that digital campaigns perform better when the target audience is directed to a streamlined, user-friendly landing page. In fact, targeting your pages correctly can increase conversion rates by up to 300%.

“Correctly” is the key word here, so we suggest performing the same web audit for your landing page that you did for the rest of your site in phase two. 

As for content, include a bold header, a captivating subheading and just enough body copy to provide context for what you’re trying to achieve. Don’t make it too wordy, and try to grab the user’s attention right away. Also, your audience shouldn’t have to scroll far down the page to see your calls to action, forms and contact information.

Your CTAs should be sharp and straight to the point without being boring. Get more creative than “Learn More” and “Fill Out The Form,” but make your action clear and don’t let it exceed four or five words. Find a happy medium CTA that you like, try it out and analyze its effectiveness compared to ones you’ve used in the past.

Finally, contact forms are best kept short and sweet — people won’t want to spend any more than a minute or so filling them out. Gather their name, email, phone number and possibly their reason for inquiry and leave it at that. Once you’ve secured their contact information, you can reach out to them for more details.

More people are purchasing or researching purchasing decisions online, since they’re unable to physically shop or interact with brands in a traditional sense. And, 58 percent of consumers say they’ll continue to make online purchasing decisions in the coming months, for safety and convenience. Targeted landing pages improve your chances of converting traffic to new customers and improves the likelihood that these customers will continue to interact with your brand long after you reopen.

Let’s work together to create a landing page that leads to results. Get in touch with us!

Stay tuned for our next article: Direct Mail Creation

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