True North Technologies is a Lincoln, Nebraska-based company that uses affordable software to create customizable apps. They asked 877 to develop a cohesive brand identity that fully encompassed the values and personality of the growing business, from a sleek, meaningful logo to engaging messaging and beyond.


The ultimate goal of this project was to delight our client with a strategic and purposeful brand that highlighted all the best parts of the business they were so passionate about. Because it was such a young company, we had to ask ample questions in order to truly understand their mission and persona. The project as a whole required lots of input and collaboration from the entire team, and we were just as pleased with the final result as True North.

Web design icon Agency 877


Web design icon Agency 877



Look closely—there’s more to this logo than meets the eye. The outside brackets represent coding, which is a crucial part of app building. In the white space lies a compass that’s always leading you to true north. The pinpoint at the top also represents north coordinates, meaning with True North, your business is always growing and evolving upward. The water droplet on the bottom represents the Seven C’s, the brand’s key messaging points. Finally, the logo as a whole symbolizes collaboration, as it looks like two people coming together from an aerial view.


True North Technologies’ messaging points are a play-on-words that allude to the brand‘s adventurous nature. By navigating the seven C’s, clients are left with an app that’s communicative, convenient, customizable, competitive, calculable, captivating and cost-effective. 

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