The Nebraska Credit Union League is an affiliation of private credit unions across Nebraska. It provides its members with a variety of services and benefits to help them compete with big banks. We partnered with NCUL to make a series of dynamic print advertisements and brochures to artistically display all the reasons why being a member of their league pays off.


Aside from creating striking designs, our challenge was to turn a text-heavy, potentially dry message into something exciting. We didn’t set out to make pieces people would glance at and throw away. We wanted NCUL members to be excited to open these pieces and engage with the messaging inside.

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Campaign Concept

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Dynamic Mail


We created this video to help NCUL thank their dedicated members who served others and stayed working throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. With bold text, eye-catching movement and photos that hit close to home, we strived to remind credit union employees across the state that we were all in this together; we are all #NCULStrong.


NCUL trusted 877 to create a variety of print products to send to their current and potential members. From a poster promoting a new HR hotline to creative brochures highlighting the benefits of NCUL membership, we put a creative spin on otherwise factual content. 

NCUL Nebraska Credit Union League Print brochure Agency 877
HR OnDemand

NCUL partnered with a law firm that specializes in human resources to provide HR services to its members. That’s huge, because small credit unions usually can’t afford to hire full HR departments. We designed a quad-fold poster explaining the benefits of NCUL’s “HR on Demand” along with a fold-out brochure meant to a) remind members to pay their dues and b) show members why they’re members in the first place by outlining services and benefits. By our own standards, we made some pieces that are both informative and fun to look at. More importantly, our partners at NCUL raved about the design and copywriting work that went into these print advertisements.

Credit Union Services Brochures

We created a captivating fold-out brochure to remind NCUL members about all their perks and benefits, like league compliance resources, interest rate comparison tools, free staff training and more. The eye-catching colors and graphics make this brochure fun and reader-friendly.

Similar to the original services brochure, we also created a print product that was specifically targeted toward small credit unions who qualify for a certain set of benefits that bigger credit unions don’t. Through creative design and intriguing copy, our goal was to make them aware of the many benefits they might not be taking advantage of.

Open Your Eyes Fold-Out

“Open Your Eyes to a Credit Union” is a nationwide campaign by the Credit Union National Association encouraging non-credit-union-members to explore the perks of joining. When this fold-out dynamic mailer arrives in people’s mailboxes, it’ll be sure to stand out from the rest.

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