Schneider Custom Homes has been simplifying the home building process for the people of Lincoln since 2002. They came to 877 in need of a rebrand and a functional new website that would allow them to better showcase the beautiful homes they’ve designed and built.


The challenge here was to not only give Schneider a brand that would sell, but to showcase their best work in the most efficient, yet visually appealing way possible. To do this, we aimed to highlight the homes’ more technical aspects without sacrificing quality design or making the site look bland. We think we achieved this and built a website that was informative yet attractive, along with a modern brand that would positively impact the business’s future. 

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The Schneider Custom Homes logo is a carefully crafted combination of icon work and typography meant to encapsulate the brand’s character and value. The logo is made of two components: the icon and the wordmark. The Schneider Custom Homes logo is made from a modified letter “S” in the shape of a house. Furthermore, the window is a crucial part of every home and represents Schneider Custom Homes’ services, which are a light to those who use them. The wordmark uses two colors to discern the “SCH” from the rest of the word “SCHNEIDER”. The “SCH” stands for Schneider Custom Homes and is a tribute to the old logo.


Along with creating a new brand for Schneider, we developed a new website for them with a lot of moving pieces, details and special features. The neighborhood maps required hours of intricate design work and updating. Each button needed to link to the correct spot on the correct page. Every animation had to flow smoothly, and every picture gallery had to combine the right angles of the highest quality photos. It was a huge project that paid off in the end. 

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