Perry Reid Properties is a property management company based in Lincoln, Nebraska, with properties across the Midwest. They oversee the development and management of various spaces, from commercial buildings to apartment complexes.


Perry Reid Properties tasked us to create functional site maps for many of their apartment complexes, including The Enclave and The Reserve. For this job, our goal was to create visually appealing compositions that also functioned as maps through custom hand lettering and illustration. 

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Hand Lettering

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Each site map is based on blueprints and aerial photos of the properties. Using Procreate and Adobe Photoshop, we digitally illustrated each property to look like a traditional piece of art. We also gave each property a logo, designed in Adobe Illustrator, to be used in official communications from each complex.


Choosing a place to live can be challenging, but when your introduction to an apartment complex begins with a strong brand presence, it makes the decision that much easier. With unique, engaging hand lettering and illustration, 877 was lucky enough to stylize three brands for Perry Reid’s properties to make them much more attractive to buyers and renters. 

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