Breaking Barre is a new fitness studio in Florida that offers a wide variety of studio barre classes. With the help of its owners, we developed Breaking Barre’s brand from the ground up with creative branding and web design.


Because Breaking Barre is located in Florida, this project required cross-country coordination. We had to be extra sure we asked all the right questions in order to get the best sense of Breaking Barre’s personality and intent. We sought to create a strong visual identity that would serve the brand for years to come, yet still feel fresh and relevant to the target market.

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Web design icon Agency 877


Web design icon Agency 877

Web Development


We designed the Breaking Barre logo with the intent to communicate confidence, modernity and approachability. Soft curves contrasted with thick lines parallel the dichotomy between the effortless grace of ballet (from which barre derives many of its movements) and the raw athleticism required to perform the exercises. The brand colors were selected by the client – her favorites – and were, therefore, the easiest decisions to make.

Colors and logo for Breaking Barre’s new branding by 877


When it comes to working out, looking great is all part of the routine. Breaking Barre not only provides the best barre classes in the industry, but when it comes to style, they’ll break beyond your expectations. On top of our creative branding and web design, we created a series of branded products and apparel for the company.


877 designed a web presence for Breaking Barre that effectively showcases the company’s classes, offerings and perks while also serving as an informative platform to help introduce barre to potential customers who may be unaware of its benefits.

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