Wald Family Foods is the culmination of the concerted collaboration between Tony Wald, CEO of TOBA, Inc. and his sons, Bob and Tom. They worked to bring together two Nebraska food manufacturers – Taste Traditions and DI Manufacturing – to create Wald Family Foods. 877 was tasked with developing a brand identity for the new company, plus digital and animated content showcased through food photography, to be officially unveiled at a trade show in summer 2019.


Our partnership with Wald Family Foods entailed a multi-pronged campaign encompassing a variety of media. We created work for print and web, which included photography, videography, copywriting, web development and layout design. Our primary directive was introducing Wald Family Foods to trade show attendees.

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Web Development

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Campaign Concept

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When designing the visual identity for Wald Family Foods, we wanted to highlight the importance of heritage. Thus, the wordmark is heavily based on Tony’s signature, which is fitting considering he’s the patriarch of the Wald family and CEO of the company. It’s his leadership philosophy which permeates every decision made regarding Wald Family Foods and his other business ventures.

Relying on the fundamentals of color psychology, we developed a cool blue color palette for Wald Family Foods’ branding. Blue exudes confidence and calm and helps distinguish Wald from the myriad food manufacturers clad in yellows, reds and oranges.

Wald Family Foods business card


To coincide with Wald Family Foods’ launch, we designed a print product brochure featuring descriptions of each item and corresponding photography. Readers can reference the brochure when placing orders with Wald Family Foods. We later updated it to make it private-label focused for the PLMA trade show.

Along with booth graphics, 877 made a series of striking product ads to showcase Wald Family Foods’ four categories of private label products—soup, bread, Tex-Mex and pasta and sauce— at the 2019 Private Label Manufacturers Association (PLMA) trade show.

Wald Family Foods business card
Wald Family Foods business card
Wald Family Foods business card


877 designed a web presence for Wald Family Foods that provides ample information and showcases each of the company’s products in a way that’s engaging and easy to read. 


Because Wald Family Foods is the product of two pre-existing food manufacturers, we aimed to merge both of their disparate approaches to branding into one cohesive feel. That involved re-photographing each and every product Wald Family Foods produces. We used a Nikon D7000 for handheld shots and a D800 for aerial shots. Nearly every single product was videoed with a Fujifilm XT3. All food photography and videography was edited in Photoshop and Adobe AfterEffects, respectively.


We created a collection of environmental design for Wald Family Foods as they traveled to two food service trade shows—IDDBA and PLMA. These booth graphics required thoughtfully planned design that would easily scale to a surface even larger than a billboard. They also had to be extremely eye-catching in order to stand out in a sea of other businesses.

Social Media

Every professional national corporation should have an on-brand Facebook to match. We built Wald’s social media presence from the ground up, accumulating nearly 400 page likes in a month’s time. With simple and sleek graphics, specific calls to action and relevant content promoting their discounts and products, their Facebook page is run like a well-oiled machine.


Pre-COVID, we created a postcard for Wald’s upcoming conference in Vegas. Although they didn’t get to attend in 2020, at least they got some cool theme ideas for next year.

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