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Aidin Electric, an electric company serving the Omaha and Grand Island, Nebraska areas, prides itself on its professionalism and great customer service. They approached 877 in need of a rebrand and creative web design in the form of a new, easy-to-use site. 


The team behind Aidin Electric had a lot of personality, so it was important for us to imbue its new brand identity with that same energy. Instilling a sense of professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction through great electric work steered our creative decisions.


Aidin needed a brand that was professional and sleek, yet approachable and friendly enough for the average family. In color psychology, dark blue is associated with intelligence and trust, and yellow is considered to be uplifting and illuminating. The logo incorporates a lightning bolt into the “A” to further represent Aidin providing sound electricity solutions to their customers.


To assist Aidin Electric in spreading information about its business, we designed a print sell sheet, stationery and business cards. Aidin representatives use this collateral when meeting with future customers, so it’s important that they look professional and clean. 


We totally revamped Aidin Electric’s web presence with a clean, modern aesthetic that works well for desktop, mobile and everything in between. Users can find information about each of Aidin Electric’s services and get in touch with the company with their new functional, creative web design.


It’s electrifying! Presenting the Aidin Electric brand impactfully reflects the quality of service they provide, so we created an animation to creatively display all the best parts of their business. We love this new brand as much as we love our client. 

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