When Eastmont Senior Living’s in-person “Organize and Downsize” event was no longer a possibility because of COVID-19, they decided to transform it into an online livestream. We transitioned the messaging and imagery of our landing page, newspaper ads and dynamic print pieces to reflect the new reality. The event was so successful, they came back for a second online campaign. “Building New Stories” was a series of online events that also intended to entertain and educate older adults as they spent more time at home.


“Organize and Downsize” was our first major campaign after we started working from home, so we had to adapt quickly in order to figure out how to A) communicate with each other and B) communicate with an older online audience. Since most seniors aren’t Zoom experts, we had to keep the messaging as clear, simple and unintimidating as possible. The entire campaign required lots of design and copy tweaks that no one could truly prepare for in a situation like this. Luckily, we learned from the process and discovered it was very possible to be successful using uncommon tactics in a time like this. When it came time to help Eastmont with another digital campaign, we were ready to implement our tactics seamlessly and felt even more confident in helping older adults feel comfortable using newer technology.

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Marketing Analysis

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Dynamic Mailer

These two dynamic print pieces use bold, colorful design, engaging copy and unique interactive elements to make the online events look approachable and fun. It’s important to use graphics that are relatable to your demographic. By physically placing senior cartoons inside of Eastmont or replicating their own houses, we make it easy for the audience to picture themselves living in the new building or watching these events from the comfort of their own home.

Print Advertisement

Following the same basic design as the mailer pieces, we created a full-page newspaper ad to spread the word about the educational livestreams, as well as Eastmont in general..

Web Development

Following the same basic design as the mailer When it comes to campaigns, all roads must lead to a landing page. This functional one-page site served as a hub for RSVPs, instructions and additional information. We made sure to keep the page as user-friendly as possible, explain Zoom clearly and concisely and minimize the bounce rate by only requesting the most necessary information.